Imrozia | 2019 | Premium Embroidery | Design 710 | Bronze Tinge

SKU: IM-19-PE-710-Bronze-Tinge
Draped in the glimmering flamboyancy of bronze, embroidered with the tessellations of pastels, and coupled with the motifs of sanctified patterns – The Bronze Tinge is tantalizing!
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Embroidered chiffon for front: 1 pcs

Embroidered chiffon with stone embellishment for front neck patch: 1 pcs

Embroidered chiffon for back: 1 yard

Embroidered organza border with stone embellishment for front & back: 2 yards

Embroidered chiffon for sleeves: 0.75 yard

Embroidered organza border for sleeves: 1 yard

Embroidered chiffon for lengha front & back panels: 10 pcs

Embroidered net for dupatta: 2.75 yards